Cheryl Stafford

Sr. Vice President


Cheryl’s success is driven by her ability to address and resolve highly complex issues, delivering exceptional levels of support and service to her tenant clients. Cheryl works exclusively for her clients, no conflict of interest as your best interests are always top of mind.

Cheryl joined Cushman & Wakefield in Denver and was soon promoted to Vice President. Cheryl represented many major New York firms, handling their Denver-area space requirements. She was a pioneer in bringing the East Coast’s tenant representation service model to the Denver area–severing the conflict of interest that existed prior to Cushman & Wakefield’s entry into the Denver market. According to Colorado law at the time both the broker showing the tenant various spaces and the seller’s agent represented the owners’ interests, no one represented the tenant. Cheryl used a written agreement with her clients appointing her as their exclusive agent that outlined the fact that her legal responsibility was to represent only the tenant’s interests in any lease or purchase negotiation. Cheryl’s real estate practice involves representing only tenants, never landlords in all her assignments.

Cheryl earned her Executive MBA from Denver University’s Daniels College of Business, a unique MBA program with an emphasis on entrepreneurial skills and business formation. “In looking back, that program really has been critical to my success,” she reflects. “It sensitized me to the needs, challenges and rewards of my clients.”

Cheryl is a negotiator you want on your side. “Negotiation is all about being better prepared than the other guy and using the tenant’s leverage to get them the best possible deal,” she explains. “I rely on real data and solid analysis. The other side will often try to distract us and talk the issues away, but facts are facts and I’m persistent in keeping the discussion at that level.”

“I’m in an excellent position to guide my tenant clients to their optimal space solution because I know all the options, the owners’ negotiation styles and the limitations of each property. It is my job to be certain that the inevitable limitations of each property are not ones that will be an issue for my client. My client’s ultimate decision will be based on all the facts and in accordance with my number one goal, No Surprises”!

Over the past 25 years Cheryl has negotiated hundreds of tenant-represented leases, build-to-suits & user building purchases, which include:

Below is a partial list of her clients.

  • A&I Financial Services
  • Ability  To….
  • American Arbitration Association
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • American Electronics Association
  • American Family Insurance
  • AT&T
  • The Beck Group
  • Boeing, Inc.
  • Byte Technology
  • Canterbury Travel
  • Causey, Demgen & Moore
  • Center for Deafness
  • Childrens Orthopedic Physicians
  • Christopherson & Co.
  • Colorado Chinese Language Center
  • Colorado Donor Alliance
  • Colorado Medical Billing
  • Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
  • COMDATA Corporation
  • Conoco, Inc.
  • Corriere Associates
  • Document Technologies
  • Don Egan, P.C.
  • DTI Global, Inc.
  • Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.
  • Dynatax
  • Echo Concepts, Inc.
  • Electronic  Data Systems
  • Elevated Third
  • Farmer’s Insurance
  • Flannagan  & Associates
  • Geneos Wealth Management
  • Greystone Technology
  • Hamilton & Fox
  • Hauserman Furniture Systems, Inc.
  • Hewitt & Associates
  • Hydro-Triad
  • Indigo Group
  • ING, Inc.
  • J& M O’Grady Commercial Services
  • Kelly Temporary Services
    Kenneth H. Wells & Co.
  • Law Offices of Alan Molk
  • Law Offices William Babich
  • LeadingAge of Colorado
  • Lockheed Missiles & Aerospace
  • M. P. Communications
  • Marketing Source
  • McClain Finlon Advertising
  • McDonnell Douglas ISG
  • McDonnell  Douglas Realty Co.
  • Mental Health Association
  • Mentor  Graphics, Inc.
  • Morton Insurance Services
  • Multi-Financial, Inc.
  • Mutual Benefit Life
  • Northern Telecom, Inc.
  • On-Sight Public Affairs
  • Platte River Industries
  • Prestige Staffing
  • Prime Computer, Inc.
  • Q Petroleum
  • Results Learning
  • Richard Levinson, P.C.
  • Richard Waltz, P.C.
  • Rocky Mountain Voter Outreach
  • Roy Toma & Associates
  • Roybal Corporation
  • SDG, Inc.
  • Severe Corporation
  • Slawson Exploration
  • State of Colorado
  • Swift Digital
  • Technology Plus, Inc.
  • TeleCheck Services, Inc.
  • Tom James Company
  • U. S. Meat Export Association
  • United Engineers & Constructors
  • United Parcel Service
  • University of Colorado
  • White & Steele, P.C.