Fuller Real Estate understands the importance of accurate data to inform the critical decisions of both our Buyer and Seller.  With a network of national, local and third-party data vendors, Fuller is able to research and accurately present our clients with the information they require to make well-informed business decisions.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the more than 20 national and local third-party data vendors we work with, as well as merging that information with the proprietary data collected by our own brokers, Fuller’s market research team is able to provide its clients with the sophisticated knowledge they require to make well-informed business decisions.

 Fuller’s Market Research offers:

·         General Market reports

·         Property/submarket analyses

·         Highest and best use analyses

·         Mapping and demographics

·         Leasing and sales trends

·         Vacancy and availability analyses

·         Occupancy and absorption analyses

·         Construction and development statistics

·         Average property time on market analyses

·         Customized reports for clients